What makes a good bargaining proposal?


Every round we receive bargaining proposals asking for things that are already provided for in the collective agreement, or represent things that people would “like” to have in their collective agreements. Please make sure your idea is not already included in the collective agreement. If there is language in the collective agreement that you want to improve on, explain why in your submission. 

The strongest demands come out of demonstrated workplace needs such as:

  • situations where we have filed a grievance and lost because of problems with the existing contract language;
  • situations where normal requests are being unreasonably refused by management; and
  • demands related to significant changes in workplace conditions, for example the introduction of new shift schedules or a change in jobs.

If you don’t have a copy of your contract you can view it anytime: click the linked button.

General topic areas are not limited to the following items and can include the removal of an existing article or what you think is missing from our agreement; for example, paid pandemic leave for testing or the Right to Disconnect.  Below are some general topic areas to consider when thinking about Collective Agreement Improvements.

  • Diversity in the Workplace - A diverse workplace includes everyone, regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital or family status, religion, age, language, culture, background, interests, views or other dimensions. It could also include the necessary supports for training and accommodating differences in the workplace.

  • Mental Health – Mental health, like physical health is critical to the wellbeing of individual workers and by extension to their families or dependents. Things like funding for mental health advocates, Employee Assistance Program improvements and ready access to other culturally appropriate supports could be considered here.   

  • Telework or Remote Work – Given the continually increasing reliance on technology, privacy and other protections for workers can be considered in this general topic. Those who work from home should be able to shut work off and disconnect electronically based on the work schedule.
  • Work Life Balance – This may include vacation leave improvements, cultural leaves and other provisions like schedule enhancements.

  • Fair Wages- This includes shift premiums, community allowances, certifications, classification levels as well as general economic increases applied to all positions.
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