We’re READY! PSAC Collective Bargaining 2014

These issues will impact all workers, whether unionized or not, members of PSAC or another union. If unions do not stand strong against the steady and intentional erosion of workers’ rights then all Canadians will suffer. Although unions are the front line in the battle, all Canadians workers have a stake, as union benefits set the bar for non unionized workplaces.

As rights are taken away, as jobs and services are lost, communities suffer and the fabric of our country is further weakened. When we cannot recognize our own country it is time for change. It starts at the bargaining table, it starts with all of us.

Collective bargaining is a democratic right in Canada, affirmed by the Supreme Court. But government amendments to labour laws threaten to set back labour rights by 30 years.

In this context, PSAC bargaining team members have arrived in Ottawa to prioritize bargaining demands and ensure that our members achieve a fair collective agreement and that public services are protected.

We are united, ready and committed to defending our collective agreements, public services, and the working conditions of those who provide them.

By sharing this new video, “PSAC Collective Bargaining 2014: we’re ready ” with your colleagues in the workplace, you will amplify the  message that this upcoming round of bargaining is about:

  • Protecting the hard-won rights of our members
  • Protecting public services
  • Keeping those rights in place for the next generation of workers in the public service
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