Critical Services- Online Discussion Session

In this COVID-19 period, the terms Critical Services and Essential Services get used interchangeably in the media and perhaps in our workplaces. They do have distinct meanings for workers in the Yukon. What does it mean if your position is designated "Critical" or "Essential"? Who makes these designations? Can you still work from home if you hold a "Critical" or "Essential" job?

Get answers to these and other questions in this 1-hour session. Labour Relations Advisor Dave Anderson will lead the presentation and listen to your concerns.


Here's how to join the session:  

1. Go to this website


3. Enter MEETING NUMBER 8566829813

You can participate with or without video.

You can also participate by phone:  Call 1-647-558-0588 and use MEETING NUMBER 8566829813


Date and time
May 05, 2020 at 1:00pm - 2pm

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