Veterans speak passionately about service cuts

Yukon resident and Canadian armed forces veteran Red Grossinger spoke to the media Tuesday afternoon about the latest cuts to Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) services. At a press conference held at the YEU Hall, Mr. Grossinger spoke passionately about what he sees as a betrayal by the Canadian government. He displayed a copy of the Veterans Bill of Rights and reminded Canadians that our government had promised to care for our veterans from the day of their enlistment until the day they died.

Grossinger’s son Darcy joined his father to speak about how the cuts will affect veterans. Darcy was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after serving 15 years in this country’s armed forces in Croatia, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. Those in attendance also viewed a remarkable video produced by PSAC, in which veterans and service workers spoke about the impact of the cuts.

Yukon MP Ryan Leef was repeatedly invited to attend the press conference, but did not respond. We await Mr. Leef’s comments on the government’s actions, and if he will speak out against the cuts to veteran’s services.

PSAC’s video about the issue can be viewed at the following link.  Help our veterans video. We encourage all YEU members to take a few minutes to view the production and to ask Mr. Leef to stand up for Canada’s veterans.

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