Tentative Agreement reached for YG Employees


YG & YEU reach tentative agreement June 4, 2013
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Tentative Agreement reached

Yukon Employees’ Union and the YEU Bargaining Team are pleased to announce they have reached a tentative agreement with the employer, Government of Yukon.  Details of the agreement will be made available to YG employee members at upcoming Ratification meetings scheduled to begin July 14th. These meetings will take place throughout the Territory, and we encourage all members to attend, learn about the deal your team has achieved for you, and cast a ballot. 

The vote to ratify a new agreement is the final step in a democratic process begun in April of 2012 with the call for Bargaining Input from the membership.  That call saw many thoughtful bargaining proposal submissions. Those submissions were taken forward in the first round of Bargaining Input Committee meetings in September of 2012. At those meetings, Pre-Bargaining and Main Table teams were elected, and final proposals chosen to take to the employer. The teams have worked very hard both at the table and in their own caucus meetings to bring a good contract to the membership. The team has recommended acceptance of the agreement, and looks forward to presenting it to the members at ratification meetings.

We are finalizing dates for the Ratification Tour, but the week of meetings begins July 14th in Whitehorse. The complete schedule will be posted on our website, advertised in the newspapers and we will provide details to work sites throughout the Yukon. If you have questions about the meetings, please call our office at 667-2331.

Want to get involved?

YEU is very active in the Territory, both for our members and with community organizations and events.  If you are interested in becoming more active in your Union, please contact your Local Executive to find out about monthly meetings and committees that may interest you.

If you wish to participate in the next round of bargaining as an input committee, pre-bargaining or main table team member, your Local President can advise you on the selection process and ensure you are on hand when those elections take place.  If you’re not sure who makes up your Local Executive, please visit our website to learn more.

Erna Post, Steve Geick

Our Bargaining teams have been hard at work for many months, and we want to extend our thanks to the efforts they have made to secure a good contract for the membership. Pictured above are YEU President Steve Geick and PSAC National negotiator Erna Post. Erna was instrumental in ensuring the team was ready to get to work on your behalf.

Erna will be back, too; YEU has 9 Collective Agreements in various stages of the bargaining process in 2013!

Our thanks go out to Erna, Steve and the entire YEU Bargaining team.





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