Special for YG Shop Stewards: Supporting Members on Probation

All new Yukon Government employees are on probation for 6 months. Often so are long-standing employees who accept a new position.

During these probation periods, the employer has considerable leeway in releasing workers who aren't deemed to be a good fit. Why?

Because the Public Service Act allows for this. A better law is what we need, but in the meantime, YG Shop Stewards can support probationary workers with information and guidance. It is a stressful time for these members and knowing a Steward is there to support them is very helpful.

Join us in this discussion for YG Shop Stewards to better understand the probationary periods that YG employees face, their rights and how to deal with members who come to you for assistance during this difficult period.

It's a Zoom session and you can take leave under Article 11.10 but only if you RSVP by clicking the red button below!



Date and time
October 28, 2020 at 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Lynne Pajot · · 8673323370

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