How will a strike affect Yukoners?

Strike action will have an impact on all Yukoners.

The pandemic created a lot of disruption, particularly to frontline services. When some segments of the public hear about the specifics causing the impasse, there is not a lot of sympathy for government workers. We are often reminded of the ongoing struggles faced by the marginalized, unemployed, underemployed, and non-unionized labour sectors of society. How do we reconcile the imbalance and counter negative feedback?


The pandemic disruption has led to a large exodus of members who have left for a variety of reasons. We expect that there will also be a large number of Yukoners who will have a lot to say about how such services are being eroded, and the government's responsibilities. We all know there are not enough nurses, not enough home support workers, not enough paramedics, not enough highway workers, not enough counsellors for youth at risk etc. etc.

The connections to community are being broken through privatization (less accountability for our tax dollars) and there is a disconnect in the perception of what is really happening on the ground in many Yukon workplaces. When those in the private sector complain about unionized workers and the benefits they receive, we are reminded of how important unions truly are, and how unionized workplaces serve as a benchmark.

In the end, our members will have the final say on what the next course of action will or won’t be and whether or not they wish to strike.

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