Your Role in Investigative Meetings (Fact-Finding meetings)

A Shop Steward's key role is attending an investigative (also known as fact-finding) meeting with a member. All members have the right to a Shop Steward if the meeting may lead to discipline. As part of the Shop Steward training, new stewards attend two of these meetings with a mentor, as well as the member. Because of COVID-19, you may not have had the chance to attend an investigative meeting with a mentor as many workplaces postponed these meetings.

In this online session, we’ll talk about your role: from preparing the member before the meeting to intervening and taking notes during the actual meeting to dealing with possible outcomes. We'll also discuss tips for attending meetings remotely by phone or Zoom.

Whether you have experience with investigative meetings or are still waiting to be assigned to one, you can learn and share a lot in this 1.5-hour session.  Click the red Send RSVP below to get the Zoom Link and join us.

Not a Shop Steward but curious about this and other topics? You are welcome to join. Get in touch!

Date and time
June 17, 2020 at 9:00am - 10:30am

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