Solidarity in Action – Guatemala 2018

With the support of the PSAC Social Justice Fund, Education in Action inspires PSAC members and others to get involved in meaningful solidarity with indigenous communities in Guatemala.  When we work together, a better world is possible.  

Each year, members volunteer and travel to Guatemala to participate in the Education In Action project with the Comité Campesino del Altiplano (CCDA), a farmer’s coalition working for labour rights and long-term social change in Guatemala. Since 2007, EIA volunteers helped to build 82 homes for impoverished families, 4 schools, 4 community centres, a medical centre, and a kitchen. If you’re interested in participating, follow the link below. If you’re between 18 & 35, you may be eligible for a subsidy to join the March 2018 EIA trip to Guatemala. 

Learn more  Info & Application Form (PDF)

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