Should I Complain?

(COURSE IS NOW FULL! Please RSVP for the next offering on December 1st)

When should I complain about something that isn't quite right at work?  Whether it's a safety or an unfairness issue or a clear breach of the collective agreement, many workers chose not to speak out or make a complaint. There are many reasons for this - they may not know how to raise a concern with confidence, or know the extent of their rights under the law, the collective agreement, or the employer's policies. 

Workers and unions have fought long and hard for laws and contracts that keep us safe from physical and psychological harm at work, and for the expansion of human rights for all. Our collective agreements have many protections that need to be known in order to be used. 

All members are invited to join us for this interactive course. This 1-day online course takes place over 2 Zoom sessions, 2-hours in the morning and afternoon. After this training, you will better understand the complaint processes under health and safety legislation and human rights laws, and you will be familiar with the grievance process under your collective agreement. 

You can take Union Leave to participate if you are scheduled to work on these dates (no loss of pay).

You'll need a computer or tablet, an internet connection and a quiet place to work from. If you need assistance with access to this, please get in touch.

Evert Ryland, Health and Safety Rep for PSAC will co-facilitate this course. Space is limited so please

RSVP now. Learn how to take action and get the support you need from union Shop Stewards.


Date and time
September 29, 2021 at 9:00am - 4:30pm
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