Refusing Unsafe Work

As a YEU member, you have the Right to Refuse hazardous work according to the Yukon Occupational Health and Safety Act, section 15.

Here’s how to refuse hazardous work:

- If you believe the work constitutes an undue hazard, stop performing that work.

- Immediately inform your supervisor or management of the unsafe condition.

- Immediately inform the UNION

- State “I am refusing to perform this duty as I believe it constitutes an undue hazard.”

The supervisor shall investigate the situation in the presence of the worker, the OH&S committee (if it exists), or a health and safety representative that represents the worker or, a worker selected by the worker.

If the outcome of this investigation is unsatisfactory, tell your supervisor or manager “I am continuing to refuse this hazardous work” and advise your supervisor that they should contact a YWCHSB Safety Officer. If they do not, you may call a Safety Officer at: 867-667-5450 or 800-661-0443


1. You can't be disciplined if you exercise your right to refuse in good faith and honest belief.

2. You are to remain at a safe place near your workstation during any investigation if not assigned reasonable alternative work.

3. Regular work hours during any investigation are considered work time and you are to be paid.

4. You cannot refuse if doing so will put the health, safety, or physical well-being of another person in immediate danger. In these cases, perform the duties, then request an investigation.


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