Ratification Kit: Proposed Changes to YG/YEU Contract

The YG Contract Ratification Kit will be available at 5pm, Sunday July 14th on the YEU website.


Once the kit has been posted online you may review it and prepare your questions for the Ratification meeting you choose to attend. The link above will not work until 5pm Sunday July 14th, but will take you to the kit at that time.

Ratification Meeting Schedule 2013

Some of our members have expressed a wish to have a few days to review the proposed changes to the YG Collective Agreement before voting. We have added a meeting at the YEU Hall Thursday July 18, 6pm to allow that opportunity.

  • If you wish to attend either of the Sunday or Monday Whitehorse meetings, listen to the presentation and cast your ballot immediately, you may do so.

  • If you prefer to listen to the discussions then go home to think it over, returning to a later meeting to vote, you may do so.

  • If you review the ratification kit online following its posting Sunday and choose to attend a Monday or Thursday Whitehorse meeting to hear the explanations and vote, you may do so HOWEVER you may only vote at one meeting.

  • You may choose at your first meeting NOT to take a ballot at that time. If you DO take a ballot at any meeting, you may not return to vote at a subsequent meeting (whether or not you choose to cast that ballot at the first meeting you attend).

YOUR BALLOT MUST BE CAST AT THE MEETING WHERE YOU RECEIVE IT.  You may NOT return with your ballot to a subsequent meeting to vote.

If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call 667-2331

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