PSAC’s 2017 Union Development Program

The PSAC’s Union Development Program (UDP) has been one of the most comprehensive union leadership training programs in Canada for more than 35 years. Building on our rich history, the UDP will provide an advanced learning opportunity for emerging leaders to develop the necessary analysis and skills to identify and support union priorities, and to expand our pool of skilled activists who can inspire others.

  • Are you passionate about standing up for unions and workers’ rights?
  • Do you believe in fairness, social justice and human rights?
  • Are you active in your union and interested in deepening your activist knowledge and skills?

The Union Development Program (UDP) is an opportunity for you to prepare yourself to assume leadership roles in your union and in the broader labour and social justice movements.

The UDP has six mandatory steps which include three face-to-face gatherings and a variety of other learning methods including a mentorship program, on-line events and individual action projects.  Three UDPs (West/North, East and French) will run at about the same time every year.

APPLY TODAY! Deadline for application is Friday October 7, 2016. 



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