Picket Lines, Solidarity with PSAC Federal Workers

More than 155,000 Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) members employed by Treasury Board and the Canada Revenue Agency are expected to go on strike on April 19 if a deal is not reached by 9 p.m. ET on April 18. This announcement sets the stage for one of the largest strikes in Canada's history. As of now, tens of thousands of PSAC members have already voted in favor of legal strike action at federal work sites.

While this is unrelated to Yukon Employees’ Union (YEU) bargaining and possible strike action, it's important to note that picket lines may be established at federal work sites across the Yukon. This is because the Government of Yukon shares many work sites with the Federal Government, meaning that your workplace could be behind a picket line.

You can join a federal picket line. We encourage all YEU members to support their family, friends and neighbours who are federal workers - to stand with them on a picket line. Most YEU/PSAC negotiated contracts have language protecting union members from discipline or censure should you choose not to cross a picket line. Click below for relevant clauses by Local.

If you choose NOT to cross a picket line that has been erected at your place of work, your employer will place you on unpaid leave during that period. However, YEU will reimburse your lost wages, and there will be no loss of pay for any YEU member who refuses to cross a picket line in solidarity with federal workers.

If you choose NOT to cross a legal picket line, please email Tammy Olsen at YEU with proof of your leave approval so that we can process your lost wage.

If you have any other questions about supporting federal workers on strike, crossing a picket line, or what it means to be an 'essential worker', please feel free to contact us

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