Privatization of Long-term Care: Not the Answer

Shifting more health care costs onto the backs of seniors, other long-term care residents and their families is wrong.

But that is exactly what is being planned by the Yukon government.

In fact, it seems to be the only plan the Minister of Health and Social Services Doug Graham can come up with.

“I’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re going to increase the cost of long- term care to residents and so we’re looking at the possibility also of attracting a private operator to the territory.”

-Minister Doug Graham in the Whitehorse Daily Star, Aug. 10

The solution is not to ask current and future Yukon residents who require this vital health care service to pay even more just to make it appealing to private-sector operators.

Why should we be asked to fund their profit?

Canadians – Yukoners –  have every right to expect full access to quality public health care services. Why should our territorial government try to impede access with ever increasing fees?

Health and Social Services Minister Doug Graham says our rates will be increased “fairly substantially” in the next few months and that current rates are “a pretty reasonable price.”

Our reply to the Minister is: of course they are. That is why we collectively pool our money in the form of taxes – to ensure full access to health care services without the jeopardy of financial hardship.

Our message to the Minister is simple. Privatization of health care services is not the answer. It only creates more problems and worse care.

If you agree with us, send a message to Health and Social Services Minister Doug Graham and tell him that increased fees and privatization are unacceptable and that the real solution is to fund long-term care properly.

Health and Social Services Minister Doug Graham

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Mail: Hon. Doug Graham
Yukon Legislative Assembly,
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