Member Update - Covid-19 March 30

I hope you are keeping well, and adjusting to the new normal. We've seen many programs announced in the last couple of weeks promising to protect Canadians from the worst of the financial implications of this crisis. That doesn't keep any of us from worrying, and it's hard to know where to find the answers. 

Carleton University Professor Jennifer Robson has created a very useful plain language guide to help. Robson’s posted a plain language document online with straightforward instructions on how to apply for things like Employment Insurance, Caregiver Benefits, rent subsidies and others.  You can find Robson’s guide here in PDF form online.

YG Employees working from home need to submit timesheets and leave documents digitally. CLICK HERE to read the YG global message to staff.


What is happening in other Yukon workplaces? 

Both the Skookum Jim Emergency After Hours Youth Shelter and Teegatha’Oh Zheh have closed their doors.  Staff remain on payroll as long as their funding from YG keeps coming in, but no one really knows how long that will last.

The Klondike Visitors Association have laid off staff as well, but have been very supportive of those workers. 

The City of Whitehorse remains in full operation, with about 80 of 260 employees working from home. Some of our casual members have no available work right now, but all permanent and temporary staff remain on payroll.

The Town of Watson Lake management and staff have found some very creative ways to protect workplace safety and keep employees on the job. 

The Whitehorse Corrections Centre is fully operational, and it may be one of the most vulnerable operations in the Yukon as there is no practical way for inmates to be physically distant. One infection at WCC could spread very quickly. Our people there need some well-wishes, so please show your support for these front-line workers. 

Yukon Energy Corp has been in regular discussions with YEU staff, and have been cooperative and responsive to the many questions and concerns raised by the union and YEC staff.

Nakwaye Ku Daycare is facing a unique challenge, as their childcare center is largely in service of the students and staff of Yukon College. The near-empty campus means very few children in care however the Yukon Government has not yet addressed the issues daycares are facing. YEU is supporting the organization in its efforts to avoid laying off staff. 

Yukon Hospital bargaining has been cancelled, and we are watching closely as hospital management adjusts operations in response to Covid-19.  

We're worried for our front line members whose work brings them into contact with the public every day. We see you, and we're very grateful. We want to know if you are not being provided with adequate protective equipment or if you feel your work situation is not safe. 

YEU has canceled or postponed all union meetings, training, and public events for member and public safety. We're still planning for our November 6-8 Triennial Convention, and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

We'd like to find a way to maintain our much needed YEU Laundry Project, but we don't yet have a solution. If you have any suggestions, please reach out by email. 

Essential or critical workers remember - your employer's duty to accommodate your restrictions and limitations is still in place. This may mean trying to accommodate you in work that is not essential or make every effort to provide work you can perform from home.

ONLINE TRAINING MODULES are being offered both by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety and by the Public Service Alliance of Canada. 

CCOHS: To help support workplaces during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, we have made these online products and resources free of charge. To register for the CCOHS online modules, visit their website, linked HERE.

The PSAC is offering Regional COVID-19 Webinars on “Your Rights at Work" on Wednesday April 1 at 5:30pm and again at 7:30pm.  Watch for an email from PSAC North with more info and to register.

Remember, if you have a concern or question, get in touch through our website's CONTACT page or send a request for representation through our ONLINE INTAKE FORM. 

Shop Stewards - we are planning a virtual meeting with you in the very near future. We see the incredible work you are doing - you're keeping the membership informed and helping to calm members' fears, solving problems during this unprecedented situation. Thank you so much - you really power everything we do. 

We're going to come out of this stronger than ever, so long as we remember that physical distancing doesn't mean we can't stay connected. Thank you to everyone for doing your part to keep Yukoners safe. 

In solidarity, 


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