Many Rivers Fails to Respond to Union Settlement Offer

Union’s Comprehensive Settlement Offer Nets Nothing


In an effort to move the parties toward a settlement, the federally appointed conciliator mediating the Many Rivers labour dispute presented both sides with a non-binding recommendation on January 4th. The union responded in writing to the conciliator January 7th, with a comprehensive offer to settle.  This union offer was presented to Many Rivers the same day.

Confirmed availability of the Conciliator and Union negotiating team for meetings January 11-13th did not prompt an employer response. The union has been advised the Many Rivers management team is “still working on it”.  YEU President Steve Geick wonders why; “There are no clients coming through the door, there are no staff schedules to manage – what, exactly, have the board and management been doing? Clearly they’re in no rush to get their staff back to work, or to restore services to their clients.”

The counsellors and administrative staff of YEU/PSAC Local Y031, Many Rivers will begin their eleventh week on the picket line today. They are grateful for the incredible support shown by Yukoners, and for the efforts of so many to get the Board and Executive Director Brent Ramsay to show leadership.

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