Launch of our new website

Over the past few years, websites have traded their cluttered, flashy looks for more natural, content-driven designs. This is because companies have made an attempt to design websites around the user experience. Today is an exciting day for Yukon Employees’ Union as we leap into this new era.

Since we made an entirely new website, it would be difficult to describe all the changes. However, there are a few highlights:

We have three main goals with this new website:

  • to expand the resources that are available to members
  • to have a more logical, natural order to the content
  • to keep the content up to date. 

We hope that we will achieve these goals with the new design. Still, the key to any effective website is to make  revisions based on user feedback. If you are looking for something and can not seem to find it, contact us and let us know where you think it should be. Thank you!

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