Know Your Rights at Work

Have you ever asked for leave and been refused?

Are you forced to work through your coffee breaks?

Are last-minute changes to your schedule creating havoc in your life?

Did you know you can something about these and other issues that come up at work?

Come to this hour-long Zoom session and learn about your rights at work and how to protect them.

As a union member, you have a contract that gives you and your co-workers many rights over your working conditions, leaves, wages, and benefits. In the past, union members like you proposed improvements to the contract, participated in meetings, and even volunteered on a negotiating committee to obtain the rights contained in the collective agreement. Everyone should know the rights in their contract and how to speak up when these rights are not respected.

Interested in reading about our rights at work and where they come from? Check out this article.

All members are welcome to join in.




Date and time
March 04, 2021 at 5:30pm - 6:30pm

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