International Women's Day 2022

On March 8, International Women's Day will be celebrated around the world. These celebrations take place while women in the Ukraine stand in defiant protest to block army convoys and women in Yemen stand fiercely to defend their families, homeland and rights. Women, with their individual and collective power have been shaping the world for millennia in times of war and times of peace. Matrilineal societies and cultures have long relied on the strength and wisdom of their female leaders and in today's many global conflicts, women are taking up arms, assuming positions of tremendous authority and negotiating successful resolutions.

We celebrate International Women's Day to recognize the achievements of women on all fronts; social, economic, cultural and political. We raise awareness of the challenges women and girls face around the world, and that list is staggering. Globally, millions of women and girls face systemic barriers, from forced child marriage to sexual assault, financial and physical abuse, denial of education and so much more. Still, somehow, women rise.

First celebrated in New York in 1909, the Women's Day movement began when socialist organizations decided the labours and struggles of women deserved a day of recognition. The United Nations adopted IWD in 1977, and while it's celebrated around the world, 27 countries including Ukraine honour women with a national holiday.

The international theme for 2022 is #BreakTheBias.

On the official event website, we are challenged to imagine a gender equal world, free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. To imagine a diverse, equitable and inclusive world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women's equality; collectively we can all break the bias. Visit the IWD website to learn more, and pledge to take up the challenge.

The Canadian theme for IWD 2022 is Women Inspiring Women.

Read more about what this means and how you can celebrate the women who inspire you HERE in this post on the Dawson Women's Shelter's website.

You can celebrate International Women's Day this year by joining any one of a number of Yukon actions and events (virtual and in-person) organized by local groups and community organizations. Of course the word woman is inclusive, and all who identify as female are welcome.


Taxi Safety Rally at City Hall, March 8, noon - 1pm, planned by the Yukon Aboriginal Women's Council. (free)
Sign making will be on Monday, March 7th at 10:30am-12pm at the YAWC building, (407 Black St).
We will be rallying in front of City Hall from 12-1pm on Tuesday, March 8th!
Need more information about this initiative? Visit
We hope to see you there!

Le 8 mars, pour la Journée internationale des femmes, nous nous rassemblerons pour une manifestation sur la sécurité des services de taxi de notre communauté.
Nous croyons que « le travail de lutte contre la violence sexuelle dans notre communauté et la revendication que des actions soient posées ne devraient pas reposer sur les épaules des femmes uniquement (Coalition des femmes du Yukon (YWC) 2022) », alors nous invitons également les hommes en faveur de ces efforts à se joindre au rassemblement !
La préparation d'affiches se fera le lundi 7 mars entre 10h30 et 12h00 au bâtiment de YAWC - Conseil des femmes autochtones du Yukon - (407, rue Black).
Nous manifesterons en face de l'hôtel de ville de 12h00-13h00 mardi le 8 mars!

Mocktails and Mandalas: International Women's Day with Inspire (fem)Power (ticketed - $10)
International Women's Day is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. We will have music, mocktails, and mandalas and feminist images to colour. We look forward to connecting with our community.


In Canada, this year’s IWD theme is ‘Women Inspiring Women’. We challenge you to share the women who inspire you!

It could be:

  • a neighbour who has supported you
  • an elder who has taught you a new skill
  • a teacher who believed in your gifts
  • a youth who changed your point of view
  • a child who brings you joy
  • a writer who introduced new ideas
  • an artist who challenged your perspective
  • a friend who expands your mind with her kindness
  • a coworker who showed empathy
  • a classmate whose strength you admire
  • a celebrity who demonstrates that there are millions of different ways to be a woman

All this week share your inspiring women on social media, in conversations, and in reflections. If you’re posting your inspiring women, share with the hashtag #IWD2022.

Want to have your sign or pic shared with DWS’ IWD post? Email [email protected] before Monday, March 7th!
In Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in Territory (Dawson City, Yukon) look for posters around town to let us know your inspiring women.

Global Online Events:

Visit this Eventbrite Link to access hundreds of online International Women's Day talks, workshops, meetings and gatherings held by an amazing host of organizations around the world. Most are free, and available wherever you are.

If you know of events or actions happening across the Yukon that we haven't mentioned here, please let us know;email [email protected] and they'll be added to this list.

This year on March 8 let's all take action toward equity and safety, opportunity and access for women everywhere.



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