Dealing with High Conflict Behaviours

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Stewards face difficult situations in which members or managers may not be at their best. When members face discipline, they can be very upset. Some managers have problematic behaviours.

This long pandemic has unveiled more high conflict behaviours in our workplaces and in our communities. 

Some people have a pattern of behaviour that increases conflict rather than reducing or resolving it. This pattern usually happens over and over again in many different situations with many different people. The issue that seems in conflict at the time is not what is increasing the conflict. The “issue” is the high-conflict behaviour and how the person approaches problem-solving. With these people, the pattern of behavior includes a lot of:

  • Blaming others

  • All-or-nothing thinking 

  • Unmanaged emotions

  • Extreme behaviors

What can a steward do when faced with these behaviours? Join us in this special session to find out.

We have invited Michael Lomax to guide us in our learning. He is a mediator with expertise in high conflict behaviours

Please note that this is an online workshop is 3.5 hours long. 

You'll need a desktop, laptop or tablet and a stable internet connection to have the best experience.

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Keen to read something now? This article is a great overview of high conflict behaviours and some helpful strategies.



Date and time
November 17, 2021 at 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Lynne Pajot · · 8673323370

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