CLC Pacific Winter School 2016


For over 40 years the Canadian Labour Congress has offered labour training at Harrison Hot Springs for union activists of all stripes. Open to members of all CLC affiliated unions & components, the Winter School is like no other training opportunity; in fact, it’s North America’s largest labour school.

Each year YEU invites our members to apply for the chance to experience a week at Winter School. Immerse yourself in a unique union training experience and grow your skill set. There are many courses to choose from and all will help you in your career and your union activity. Winter school courses run Sunday through Friday.  Those selected to participate will attend one course in either of the 5 week Winter School.

If you wish to apply, you need to complete the YEU’s Education Application and submit it before the APPLICATION DEADLINE OF NOVEMBER 30th. Applicants must have the support of their Local leadership and are required to submit a report upon return.  Send your application to YEU at [email protected]

DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE CLC, either by using the CLC’s online registration form, through the form in the course calendar or through any other means. If you are chosen to participate, YEU will register you. Any direct applications will not be considered for sponsorship by YEU. If you were selected to participate in the 2015 CLC Winter School you are not eligible to attend again this year.

To learn which courses YEU will consider sponsoring please follow the links below to the CLC Pacific site and review course options. Each applicant should choose ONE course as their first choice and another as their SECOND choice.

Below is the course schedule and descriptions; each course title is linked. Follow the links to read a course description.

Please note that the YEU Education Committee will ONLY approve the courses listed below; do not apply for other courses as your application will be unsuccessful. 

Week1: January 17 – 22
Week 2: January 24 – 29
Collective Bargaining Level 1 Building Psychologically Healthy Workplaces
Women in Leadership Level 1 Bullying and Harassment
Facing Management Effectively Collective Bargaining Level 1
Health and Safety Level 1 Critical Incident Stress
Return to Work Women’s Health and Safety in the Workplace
Labour Community Advocate Level 1 Facing Management Effectively
Parliamentary Procedure and Public Speaking Health and Safety Level 2
  Representing and Engaging Women in the Workplace
  Using Modern Tools to Talk with Your Members
Week 3: Jan 31 – Feb 5
Week 4: February 9 – 12 **Week starts Tuesday
Facing Management Effectively Successful Meetings: Parliamentary Procedure
Building Health and Safety Activism Member Engagement – Member Action
Bullying and Harassment Building Leadership for Young Workers
Parliamentary Procedure and Public Speaking  
Facing Management Effectively  
Week 5: February 14 – 19
Collective Bargaining Level 1  
Collective Bargaining Level 2  
Facing Management Effectively  
Health and Safety Level 1  
Young Workers in Action  
Return to Work  
Unions in the Community  
Transforming Conflict into Union Activism  
Union Activism for a Green Economy  


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