CHANGES to Faro & Ross River Ratification Meetings due to Road Closures & Fires

Tonight’s YEU contract ratification meetings in Faro and Ross River have been postponed due to road closure.  New meeting is by Tele-Health tomorrow, Wednesday July 17th at the Faro & Ross River Health Centres at 6pm.  You can see the proposed changes on our website HERE.

You will have to identify visually on camera at the meeting and will vote by email to [email protected]  by 3pm Thursday July 18th.  Only those who have visually identified themselves on camera at the meeting will be eligible to vote by email.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see you out at the meeting. Thank you for your understanding and patience; we are trying to ensure all our members can vote despite the fires.

If you have any questions please call Deborah at 667-2331.  If you are NOT a signed member (are a rand) please contact me for a scanned copy of the membership card. You will need to complete this, scan and email it along in order to vote.

Membership (person level):
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