April 26 Bargaining Update for YG Members

Negotiations between the Yukon Government and your bargaining team continued in Whitehorse on the week of April 22. 

Our team was disappointed, but not surprised when the government tabled their proposal to cease the accumulation of severance for resignation and retirement. We strongly opposed the Government's initial proposal. 

In addition to the severance demand by the government, there are a number of substantial outstanding matters where we have been unable to find agreement with the employer. 

Some of these unresolved issues include: Hours of work for home support workers, hours of work for continuing care workers and scheduling clerks, general economic increases, the Safe Disclosure of Information and Critical Incident leave particularly for members in high risk jobs and first responders who may experience a work related abnormal, traumatic or triggering incident. 

We have agreed to mediation with Vince Ready as the mediator who is one of the most experienced and highly respected mediators in the country.

Mr. Vince Ready is from Vancouver, BC. and has been active in mediation since 1978. In 1982 he established his private arbitration/mediation practice. Mr. Ready is names as an Arbitrator/Mediator in over 600 Collective Agreements. He has arbitrated and/or mediated over 7,000 labour and commercial disputes in Canada. 

Mediation dates are set for  the week of June 3, mediating the outstanding issues between the parties.




In solidarity,

YEU/PSAC Bargaining Team

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