YG/YEU Grievance Procedure Training

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Critical Grievance Procedure training for YEU/YG Shop Stewards

Local Executive members and Stewards like yourself have asked us for training opportunities.  We have worked hard with YG to develop a one-day course to help you understand the grievance procedure framework and your role in the grievance process. This course will increase your effectiveness and your confidence in grievance problem-solving. Delivered jointly by union and employer representatives to classes made up of both union and employer representatives, it will include role-playing in a number of grievance scenarios.

We have worked for the last year to get this Joint Grievance Procedure Training up and running. Unfortunately, initial response from our Shop Stewards has been very poor despite consistent feedback that we need to provide more training in basic grievance handling;  please do not ignore this opportunity.

We need you to register for this one day training course.  

Please review the following dates and select the date most suitable for you. Language in your Collective Agreement ensures Stewards and other elected representatives are able to participate in Union Training. If you are not successful in receiving approval from your supervisor, please contact us right away. This training is offered by the Public Service Commission, so you will apply through  normal YG Training Request procedures. You do not need to cite Union Leave on your form, as this course is offered by the Commission. Please make sure to advise YEU of the date you have selected.

June 18
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Staff Development Training Centre
Platinum Room (2nd Floor Hougen’s Building)

July 18  
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Staff Development Training Centre
Platinum Room (2nd Floor Hougen’s Building)

August 13
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Staff Development Training Centre, Gold Room
(2nd Floor Hougen’s Building)

Please indicate on your Training Request Form that you represent the Union, so that we can assure a mix of interests in each class.

Printable YG Training Request

For details:

YEU Contact:
Deborah Turner-Davis 667-2331
[email protected]

Staff Development Contact:
Kelly-Anne Malcomson 667-5474
[email protected]

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