YEU Laundry Project May 21

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Going to the laundromat is expensive, and it can put a serious strain on your budget. If the cost of laundry is an issue, we hope you'll join us at the Yukon Employees' Union's monthly Community Laundry Project events. 

This is a barrier-free event - bring your dirty laundry and we'll provide the laundry soap, dryer sheets, and laundry tokens - it's as simple as that. 


Please wear your mask, sanitize your hands, and keep 6 feet between yourself and others. We're asking all guests to load the washers and leave for about 30 minutes, then return to load the dryers and go for another 30 minutes or so. That will allow us to serve as many people as possible while maintaining a safe space. 

Laundry nights are the second Tuesday of the month, so join us May 11, June 8, July 13, and August 10th. 

Together we can help build community, one load at a time. 

Date and time
May 11, 2021 at 6:00pm - 9pm
The Family Hotel Laundromat
Deborah Turner-Davis ·

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