Organizing Your Workplace

Shop Stewarding isn't a solitary activity. You are connecting with members, sharing your knowledge and helping them resolve problems at work. Many of these members can help with the Union's work if you organize them. What does that mean? Come to this month's Round Table to discuss what roles your co-workers can take on and how to get them involved. We need people to keep the Union bulletin boards up-dated, some people to welcome each new member, some to be the employees'  representatives on the workplace health and safety committees, some to answer questions about the Collective Agreement and benefits, some to participate in joint labour-management meetings to solve problems that aren't covered by the Collective Agreement...there's plenty of work to go around!

Date and time
February 20, 2019 at 9:00am - 12pm
YEU Lucy Jackson Training Room
lynne pajot · · 8673323370

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