YEU/PSAC Member Dues Update

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March 10, 2022

To all YEU/PSAC Members:

Recently, Yukon Employees’ Union and the Public Service Alliance of Canada realized that some employers may have been deducting dues from member wages incorrectly. 

Your employer remits dues directly to PSAC: those dues are then redistributed to fund the work of Yukon Employees’ Union, its Locals and Committees. It’s important that your union dues are deducted carefully and appropriately by your employer, and that those dues are not over or under collected. 

Your union dues help support bargaining, education, and grievance handling for members across the Yukon and the country. You may not realize it, but your Local receives a portion of every dollar of union dues paid by members like you. And at this time of year, you’ll probably notice on your T4 that your union dues are tax deductible. Member dues should be deducted at a rate of 1.61%, (plus a $1 per member/month strike fund contribution) and those dues have not increased since the 2017 YEU Convention.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada will provide each employer with a detailed list of salary-related items from which dues are to be deducted. We hope any necessary changes can be implemented by April 1 2022, or shortly thereafter.

Union dues at a rate of 1.61% are to be deducted only from the following:

  • Regular pay (including retroactive pay)
  • Overtime pay
  • Shift premiums
  • Stand-by pay

Specific earnings where the application of union dues rates does not apply include:

  • Isolated Pay and Travel Allowance
  • Severance pay (whether biweekly to increase pensionable service time or in a lump sum
    either to an RRSP or to the individual directly)

  • Pay out of vacation leave entitlements
  • Pay out of accumulated lieu time entitlements
  • Payment made to employees from settlement of grievances (either by way of arbitration,
    minutes of settlement or granting of it)

  • Long-term sick leave (long-term disability or Workers’ compensation).

We have worked closely with PSAC as we try to identify where problems were occurring, but as dues are remitted in lump-sum payments, untangling the specifics has been a challenge. As a result, we are now working with employers to ensure that going forward, dues are deducted in an equitable, consistent, and accurate manner.

While some dues may have been under-collected in the past, it is not the wish of YEU’s Executive to impose hardship on anyone by collecting retroactively. Instead, we will ensure all employers can refer to accurate and up-to-date information to calculate dues remittances correctly.

If your dues remittance has been incorrectly calculated in the past, this will undoubtedly feel like a dues increase. For other members, this may result in a net decrease in deductions if your employer has erroneously collected dues on vacation leave payouts, severance pay etc. Because of the aggregate lump-sum payments by employers, we have no means to determine the specifics of any specific members’ dues contributions, and we cannot know whether any individual was incorrectly assessed.

By taking this action, we hope that all member dues are calculated and remitted with consistent accuracy.

See the 2022 YEU/PSAC Dues Methodology letter HERE, as sent to employers.

If you’d like to learn more about where your dues go and how your Local chooses its budgetary priorities, we encourage you to attend a Local meeting and get involved in the activities of your union.

In solidarity,

Steve Geick, President
Yukon Employees’ Union


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