YEU Education Bursaries 2023

Each year, Yukon Employees' Union proudly awards eight education bursaries of $1000 each to members and their dependants pursuing post-secondary education. Educational pursuits can be full or part-time, and eligible individuals may apply at any age, and any stage of their education path.

Please review the Bursary guidelines, linked below, prior to submitting your application. Applications can be submitted electronically using the linked form (all required documentation must be attached electronically) or in hard-copy. Hard copy applications should be mailed or delivered to the YEU office by the deadline of September 30th, 2023.

YEU Bursary Guidelines, 2023

YEU Bursary Application, 2023 (online submission)

YEU Bursary Application, 2023 (PDF download and print, hard-copy submission)

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