YEU Covid-19 Update for Members - May 14

There's quite a bit to talk about this week - I hope you'll bear with me, and read through to the end. 

Today, Premier Sandy Silver announced A Path Forward -Yukon's plan for lifting Covid-19 restrictions.  Employers around the territory are establishing plans to re-open as soon as they are permitted to do so. 

Our goal is to work with all our employers to make sure their return-to-work plan is thoughtfully prepared, and ensures the safeguarding of both the public and workers' health.

If you're worried about plans proposed by your employer, get in touch with us. Your concerns can only be addressed by the union if they are shared. Please use our member contact form to ask questions, and the member intake form to submit your complaints or grievance issues. 

You may have seen the live broadcast aired Wednesday which proposed sweeping changes  and new delivery models for health and social programs and services in the Territory. 

We are reviewing the proposals cautiously, and we want to make sure a healthy balance is struck that maintains continued access to high quality PUBLIC healthcare. We do not support the privatization of any health and social services or facilities. If you'd like to read the report for yourself, click below.



Lastly, I want to touch on wage subsidies for essential and front-line workers - other jurisdictions are calling it Pandemic Pay. 

The federal government has reached a cost-sharing agreement with territorial and provincial governments to provide wage top-ups for some essential workers. We are watching to see how YG interprets that direction, and which workers will see the benefit of increased wages.

Let us know how you're doing! Are you working from home or doing your essential job in strange new circumstances?

Have you had to adapt your work life very much? Maybe you're working at the kitchen table with toddlers hanging around your neck, or helping with science experiments while you manage zoom meetings. 

Click here to share whatever you want to about work during the pandemic! A form will open where you can tell us how it is, anonymously if you prefer - even upload a photo or video of you at work in the spare room or wearing your PPE. Show us your de-stressing strategy or anything you want to share. (This isn't a grievance form; if you want to file a complaint, please go to

If you're okay with us sharing, let us know on the form and we'll create a gallery of images of our members stick handling this pandemic.

Online courses and webinars:

May 20, 9-10am: Shop Steward Round Table, Bullying in the workplace. INFO & RSVP HERE

May 20, 4:30-6pm: Virtual Open House ONLINE for all members. INFO & RSVP HERE

May 25, 5:30 pm: Welcome to Your Union Online PSAC Introductory Course for New Members Pilot, Local Y017  INFO & RSVP HERE

It's already the May long weekend - please enjoy yourself, respect the precautionary measures and have a good time in the beautiful outdoors if you can. I look forward to seeing you face to face soon. 

We're Stronger Together, even when we're apart.

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