What's it like to be on a Bargaining Team?


For some, the idea of joining a Bargaining Team is exciting and energizing. Being part of the process, helping determine the future of your workplace can be very rewarding. For others, the very idea is unimaginable; “what does it even mean? How on earth would I know what to do?!”

YEU has the highest percentage of total PSAC Bargaining Units; more contracts than any other component in the PSAC overall. You can be sure that on any given day, a YEU Local is bargaining somewhere in the Yukon.

Each bargaining unit is assigned an experienced negotiator by PSAC National. That negotiator meets with each team to finalize proposals. Training is also provided to all team members. Bargaining is not easy, but it’s incredibly empowering.

We asked a few recent Bargaining Team members to let us in on how they felt about the process. The quotes come from a few teams and a few different employers. While no two bargaining experiences are the same, there are certain universals that were reflected in the feedback we received.

We asked “were you intimidated?” Here’s what we heard:

“I loved the equal playing field!” and

“This was my second time at the table, I felt honored to be chosen by my peers once again and enjoyed the experience - I would definitely do this again.”

“It was like every one of you was standing behind us as we were at the bargaining table”

From another activist, being a member of the bargaining team meant a lot. In fact it provided “the most satisfaction I have experienced as a union member”

So think about it. Maybe this is where you can lend your voice to your union.

In the words of YEU President Steve Geick;

“Bargaining has been the most exciting, rewarding and frightening union activity in my 40 years of activism; do it!”

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