What will happen to my bargaining proposal?


Every member in good standing has the right to have their say.

This round of negotiations, we will be collecting all individual bargaining ideas that are submitted to YEU no later than May 24.

All timely bargaining proposals will then be forwarded to the appropriate Local for review. Each Local will hold a Local meeting(s) where members will discuss the ideas and proposals. Members in attendance will then vote to establish a priority list and submit it to YEU no later than June 17.

Please watch your Local event page for meeting dates and try to attend, so you can support and explain your submission and help to set your Local's list of priority proposals.

At these same Local meetings, members will elect their representatives to the bargaining conference. The same deadline of June the 17th will be applied for the submission of the names of the local representatives.

Late proposals or proposals that have not been reviewed by the local will not go forward. 

The bargaining conference will be held August 10-13 in Whitehorse. At the bargaining conference, elected delegates will review the hundreds of proposals normally received over three short days.

That makes it extra important to make sure your proposal is clear and easy to understand for delegates who may not have experienced the same problem and will be considering your bargaining proposal.   

Conference delegates will also elect the bargaining teams.

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