What are the timelines? What’s taking so long?


The Union team is trying to move the process forward as quickly as possible. Until now, we’ve been moving slowly, attempting to get a stubborn employer to listen to worker concerns. Despite all of our efforts, our concerns are still not being adequately addressed.

At the current stage, we have to coordinate with the employer, the Labour Relations Board, and the conciliation board representatives. Therefore, we don’t have total control over the process and can only provide the following estimated timeline:

  • By the end of February: we’re hoping to have a conciliation board established, and hearing dates set.
  • By the end of March: Meetings with the conciliation board will not be finished, as they are scheduled for late April.
  • In April: The virtual hearings with the conciliation board are scheduled to take place on April 29 and 30, with a possibility of an additional day of hearings on April 28 if the chairperson of the panel is available.
    • After the hearings, the conciliation board will provide a non-binding report to the Labour Relations Board Chairperson within fourteen days, or within a longer period agreed to by the parties, or as directed by the Labour Relations Board Chairperson.
    • This is also when the union will be conducting strike votes, if necessary. Plenty of prior notice will be given in the weeks before strike votes occur. Please continue to attend information sessions, review Union correspondence, and talk with your stewards and coworkers to stay in the loop.
  • May: if no agreement has been reached by this point, and the conciliation board process is complete, it is likely that strike action will be underway.


From now until an agreement is reached, PSAC North will host information sessions. Check for YEU website updates, bargaining update emails, and other opportunities to stay informed about the status of bargaining.

PSAC Regional Office in Whitehorse will host a series of Strike Information sessions through March.

Check the PSAC North website, YEU's YG Bargining webpage, or the YEU Events page for updates.

Strike Info session dates as follows:

Zoom link will be emailed by PSAC once you are registered.

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