Contract Ratification Meetings are being held for members of Locals Y022, Whitehorse Transit and Local Y023, City of Whitehorse. No details of the tentative agreement will be released outside of the scheduled meetings.


LOCAL Y022: One Meeting:
Sunday April 22, 1pm in the Lucy Jackson Training Room at YEU
Ballots from Y022 will be counted immediately following the vote. 

Local Y023:  Three meetings are scheduled:

Tuesday April 24:  10:00 AM, Whitehorse Westmark Ballroom
Tuesday April 24:  6:00 PM  Whitehorse Westmark Ballroom
Wednesday April 25: 6:00 PM Whitehorse Westmark Ballroom
Ballots from Y023 will be counted Thursday April 26th at noon.
A call for volunteers will go out at the meetings. 



DEAL REACHED after all night bargaining.

The PSAC has Served 72 Hours’ Strike Notice

Please be informed that as of this morning, the Public Service Alliance of Canada has served notice to the employer of the readiness of Local Y023 to commence strike action as early as 8am Monday, April 16th. 

Mediation this weekend will inform the union’s decisions around how and when job action takes place and we will keep you informed as information is made available. 






City of Whitehorse workers want a contract that’s fair to long term employees and new workers. We want our employer to stop chipping away at our contract every few years. Mayor and Council gave themselves huge raises. We’ve asked for a modest cost-of-living increase. We have no pension, so our long-service benefit and severance pay are important to us.  We really just want to keep the benefits we were offered when we were hired. We think that’s fair.  


Transit workers are showing up to work on time, and working their full shifts. The city relies heavily on overtime and casual drivers to maintain service, and the workers are not taking on overtime or extra shifts. 

Updates to bus schedules and routes affected or cancelled during our job action are available on the City’s website, linked HERE.


Members of Local Y023 work at City Hall, Canada Games Centre, Parks and Community Development, Facility Services, Water and Waste Services, Engineering Services, Operations, Bylaw Services, Communications, Human Resources, Legislative Services, and Planning and Sustainability Services. 

These workers are not currently in a legal strike position, but provided a strong strike mandate at meetings held in early March. Their decision was in response to the employer’s attacks on severance pay and their attempts to create a two-tiered system that harms newer employees.

Representatives of the Canada Industrial Relations Board, the Union and the employer will meet in Vancouver in early April to finalize details of the Essential Services Agreement. That agreement is required before either party can proceed with strike action or a lock-out. 


City of Whitehorse Mediation Dates Set

Canada Industrial Relations Board Meetings; Media Release

No Deal in Mediation Talks

City Workers Vote to Strike