Refresher on Grievances

Filing a grievance is one way of dealing with workplace issues. For some members, the formal nature of the grievance process may be daunting. As a Shop Steward, you need to be able to de-mystify the process for members and to handle the initial steps of investigating a complaint- writing a grievance and meeting with the employer to attempt to resolve the issue.

In this Zoom session, we’ll talk about how to identify collective agreement violations and deal with common complaints through the grievance process. All stewards, brand new and experienced are welcome to join and share your knowledge and questions. 

Stewards can take Union Leave but only if you RSVP by clicking the red button below!

Here is the Zoom link to join us:

If you are not a Steward but are interested in joining in this session, please get in touch with Lynne Pajot


Date and time
September 15, 2021 at 2:30pm - 4pm

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