Shift Principles

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Shift Principles

Principle #1

  • A definition of operational requirements:

Principle #2

  • Limit on # of consecutive shifts

Principle #3

  • Scheduled days of rest for Part-time members

Principle #4

  • Staff have choice of shift patterns based on seniority

Principle #5

  • Set rotation with clear shift lines for bidding

Principle #6

  • Establishment of float positions

Principle #7

  • Common understanding of what notice is – written/verbal/text, timing

Principle #8

  • If changing more than one line or shift, this becomes a schedule change

Principle #9

  • Those who are satisfied with their existing shift pattern do not have to change

Other Considerations

  • Support succession planning and career options
  • Support the ability to move laterally
  • Opportunity for Casuals to work more than one area for variety, opportunity to maximize hours, and reduce burnout from working 1 area for too long
  • Increase the number of shift pattern options (8 hours 10 hours,12 hours)