Member Update - Covid-19 April 24

It's Friday again and we're still working from home, taking care of our families and for many, acting as assistant educators at the same time. Lots of our members are going to work, doing their best every day to keep Yukoners fed, housed, and healthy. 

I want to acknowledge the staff at Yukon's emergency shelters; this is a particularly risky time for workers in these environments. Despite the uncertainty and the added stress of a pandemic, they show up to make sure there are safe places for individuals and families in crisis and do their best to meet their immediate needs - physical and emotional. They are absolute heroes and I applaud them. 

Every worker making the daily decision to continue working to support their communities offers us an example of what public service truly means, and we're so grateful.

News from YEU for the week is a bit spare. After the initial weeks of crazy scrambling to establish new protocols, most employers have adapted and are doing a pretty good job, by and large. 

We have started our new slate of online training and discussion forums, open to all members. Here's what is coming up over the next few weeks:

Employer Pandemic Policies Discussion:  Tuesday April 28, 5-6pm

Critical Services - Online DiscussionTuesday May 5, 1-2pm

Canadian Emergency Response Benefit May 12, 2020 1pm - 2pm

Click links to RSVP or visit 


WHEN: Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6 pm

All YEU members are invited to drop in for a few minutes or a couple of hours. We especially want to welcome *new members - we'd love to meet you.

HOW: Connect by phone or by computer using the Zoom meeting platform

We held our first chat on Tuesday to discuss Unsafe Work and your Right to Refuse. If you missed it and would like to know if it runs again, keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages as we'll update the schedules regularly. 

The CERB is TAXABLE, but tax is not being withheld at the source. If you are receiving this benefit, make sure to keep in mind the tax bill you will face later.

How much tax will you owe?

The CERB payments are taxable as ordinary income, just like (self-)employment income or interest income from a GIC. The amount of tax you will owe, therefore, depends on your total income for 2020 and your marginal tax rate for the year.  READ MORE HERE (Financial Post Article)

*Rands, or unsigned members: if you have never signed a Union membership card, please contact us. We have an online form available  in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Signing a union membership card gives you access to all member benefits and allows full member in good standing status. Email [email protected] for a link to the online membership application.

Dr. Jennifer Robson has again updated her plain language summary of Covid-19 benefits, and that document is available HERE. 

Please take care of yourself - your physical AND your mental well-being. Make use of the many resources available now to bolster your mental health - take advantage of your EAP services to help ease the burden of anxiety and worry as we face the uncertainty of a pandemic.

It's the weekend, and I've heard there are crocus showing their heads. I plan to get out for a walk with my dog and enjoy some fresh air, Yukon style. As always, if you have a question or a concern, the staff and leadership of YEU are here for you. Visit our website, email us, and keep your head up. 

We're Stronger Together, even when we're apart.

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