Member Update - Covid19 April 17

Working from home has its highs and lows - especially if you're suddenly home schooling and juggling deadlines, all with kids fighting for your attention and a dog freaking out because everyone is home all the time!

YEU staff have been working from home long enough now that we've developed new routines, and know each others' pets through cameo appearances in zoom meetings. While we look forward to working together in person as soon as it's safe, this has been a great opportunity to learn what's most important to us as a team and to you, our members. 

The barrage of information has slowed as the new normal has taken hold. Aside from the breaking news above, I've got a few updates for you today and a bit of a laugh - because we need to laugh more than ever. I'm most excited about a series of new information and training modules launching next week for all members, related to Covid-19 and your work. Join us online at 5pm onTuesdays for a new topic and discussion.

Click links to RSVP.

• April 21 - The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

• April 28 - Employer Pandemic Policies 

• May 5    - Critical Work 

• May 12  - Canadian Emergency Response Benefits 

Our Labour Relations Officers and Education Officer will present the topics and answer questions. 

Choose how you wish to participate - you can join the video conference or attend by phone. The info is all on the event pages, linked above.  If they occur during your work day, you can attend  no loss of pay using the regular Union Leave process.  Please RSVP.

Man working from home, sitting on floor holding baby and toddler and laptopIf you're working at your kitchen table, your work station ergonomics are likely not ideal.  Do your best to follow ergonomic guidelines where realistic. If you need something from your workplace to do your job safely - whether that's your desk chair or another accessory, contact your supervisor. Many employers are making it possible for workers to come in and take home items they need, or can even arrange to deliver items. 

If you need to purchase something to do your work successfully from home, some employers are willing to reimburse in a limited way - please check first with your supervisor or manager to determine what options exist, and how the employer can assist. Remember that if you're on a medical accommodation at work, your employer's duty to accommodate you is still in force.

If you are struggling and the employer won't assist you where you believe they should, contact your Shop Steward or complete an intake form  at 

Caring for your emotional and mental well-being is also really important right now. Families are going through something that most of us have never imagined, let alone experienced.

A few Yukon employers have taken steps to increase access to mental health benefits - make sure you check in to see what is available through your EAP, and look for online resources too. The Canadian Mental Health Association has put together some great links to support with mental health during this stressful time. Click here to visit their website and access their articles. 

We are stronger, together - even when we're apart. 

Please take care of yourself. 

In solidarity, 

Steve Geick, President

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