Each union Local has a network of Stewards who voluntarily serve their co-workers by informing them of their rights and responsibilities under the Collective Agreement. They help resolve problems, handle grievances, and educate fellow workers about policies of the union.

Stewards are available in most departments or areas of your workplace. Study your Collective Agreement with the assistance of your local Steward, who can help you understand the policies in the workplace. Contact your Chief Shop Steward to obtain the name of the Steward serving your work area or call YEU’s Intake Advisor at 667-2331.

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Getting Started as a YEU Shop Steward: a Brief Guide

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Keep up to date by attending our monthly Shop Steward Round Table sessions. These take place the third Wednesday morning of each month. This is such an important role; we hope you will mention it to your colleagues and encourage them to attend. Our Steward network needs to grow if we are to meet our members’ needs. We continue to grow as a union; our Stewards are critical to ensuring we meet the challenges of a larger membership.

Member Confidentiality

When a YEU member calls us for assistance, one pressing concern is the protection of their privacy. We are entrusted with information critical to the grievance process; how we manage that information must be consistent with our commitment to the member.

All Stewards are to deliver grievance materials related to their work with members to the Union Hall for secure storage upon completion of a case. Pencil files, notes, documents, letters, meeting minutes etc. in the Steward’s possession will be securely filed at the YEU Office. No member files are permanently stored in the Steward’s office or home.

Bulletin Board Materials

If you have not had your photo taken by our Communications Officer, please call the hall and set up an appointment. We`ll create a poster for your workplace Union bulletin board with your photo & name, identifying you as a Shop Steward.