Shop Steward Round Table - April - Fact-Finding/Investigation Meetings


Wednesday, April 18, 2018
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


YEU Lucy Jackson Training Room


General Events


A major part of a shop steward’s role is assisting co-workers when they are being investigated for possible discipline, which typically happens during a “fact-finding meeting.” What should you expect during such a meeting? How can you help your co-worker prepare, and what advise should you give prior to the meeting? How are you supposed to pay attention to what is going on and provide support for your co-worker while also taking usable notes??? During this round table you will get some answers to these questions, hear from some other shop stewards about their experiences, and practice your paying-attention-while-taking-notes skills.

YEU Shop Stewards are entitled to paid leave from work in order to attend union training.

Not a Shop Steward but interested in the role?  Please contact David Anderson, YEU Labour Relations Advisor, at or 667-2331 ext. 1005

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