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Yukon Workers' Compensation Health & Safety Board Article on Return-to-Work, May 20, 2020


As the economy starts to reopen, gradually, we will see businesses resume, stay-at-home restrictions lifted and workers return to physical workplaces.

Planning is essential to protect the health and safety of workers and the public. Your plan needs to identify



Are you working from home or doing your essential job under strange new circumstances? Have you had to adapt your work life very much? Maybe you're working at the kitchen table with toddlers hanging around your neck, or helping with science experiments while you manage zoom meetings. 

Drop us a line! 

Returning to Work?

YEU is reaching out to employers to participate in the Covid-19 Return to Work planning; if you have questions or concerns, or wish to discuss your workplace's RTW plan with us, please reach out through our website's online contact form or by emailing 

Do You Work for the Yukon Government?

YG has released updated information on improved and enhanced wellbeing benefits and programs for its workers. Please follow the links below to learn how the FSEAP program has been adapted to respond to Covid-19, and new benefits for you and your family at this time. 



Eligible employees can access 7 counselling sessions per family between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021. Counselling is available by phone or video during COVID-19 from counsellors in Yukon and BC.

Crisis counselling and intake services are available 24/7.

Call 1-800-667-0993 or (867) 668-3327 to access a counselor.

Up to 4 additional sessions are available in exceptional or urgent circumstances as a bridge to accessing longer term care. 

Can you Refuse Unsafe Work?  (April 1, 2020)


PSAC's Updated Your Rights at Work Information HERE   (April 2, 2020)

Have you been laid off?

PSAC National has updated the union's processes which protect laid off workers' union membership. 

Members from Locals and bargaining units that have seen COVID-related layoffs; PSAC will extend Membership in Good Standing and ensure the Local Executives  continue holding union office, even while on temporary layoff status. PSAC and YEU are trying to be as proactive as possible on this.

Where we know that an employer has shut down or laid members off due to COVID, we are not requiring these members to make individual membership requests. Instead, the bargaining unit will be protected as a block, and their executive will be preserved under PSAC's Regulation 5.   


Updated April 1, 2020. Compiled by Jennifer Robson, Associate Professor of Political Management, Carleton University using public information. Any errors or omissions are unintended.

On March 19, the Yukon Government released its Human Resources Directive, or Covid-19 Directive 2. This lays out the measures implemented to keep its workers safe,and explains its work-from-home protocols.The government has utilized its Essential Services Matrix "designed to assist the user in identifying essential services for business continuity". It lists its Service Categories including those considered Critical, Vital, Necessary, and Desired.

If you are a YG member whose department, branch, manager or supervisor has not yet clarified your role or service category, please contact YEU at

For current information on the Covid-19 situation in the Yukon, visit and click the Covid-d19 link on the home page.

Like you, we're looking for solutions that protect your work and your livelihood. Our leaders are in constant contact with employers as they try and establish solutions to the challenge of providing safe workspaces and navigate the unknowns presented by this Covid-19 pandemic and the Yukon's State of Emergency.

Please ensure you have subscribed to our website for regular email updates. At the moment, we are trying to send them every couple of days. The frequency may change as the situation evolves. Please make sure you add us as a safe sender, so our messages don't get lost in your spam box.

Be well, take care of yourselves, be kind and wash your hands. Your union is working hard for you. If you have questions or have concerns about what is happening at your workplace, please reach out through our website. 

Queries? Send them through or visit

Workplace problems: Intake forms can be submitted online through our website at

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