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Photo of Steve Geick

Steve Geick


Cell Phone: 335-2631 Work Phone: 667-2331

Steve has been active in Local Y017 for many years, serving 6 years as Shop Steward and 5 as a Director. Before coming north, he served 6 years as a Shop Steward with the Ontario Nurses Association. His union involvement began at age 16 as a Teamster, working as a truck driver.

Steve was a Teamster for 20 years, serving 8 years as Shop Steward. Before his election as YEU President, he participated on the Yukon Area Council for three years, and worked as a member of the YTG bargaining input committee and bargaining team.  Steve is serving his second term as YEU President.

Photo of Sue Christianson

Sue Christianson

1st Vice-President

Cell Phone: 335-2638 Work Phone: 667-2331

Sue’s strong belief in workers’ rights is the heart of her activism. Sue has been active in YEU and PSAC for most of her 35 year YG career as a Shop Steward, Facilitator, Regional Women’s Committee member, Access Committee member, Aboriginal People’s Committee member, and has participated in many more union activities as a volunteer and executive member.

Photo of Tony Thomas

Tony Thomas

Vice-President, Communities

Cell Phone: 335-2630 Work Phone: 993-5391

Based in Dawson City, Tony Thomas is an experienced union activist. His roles have ranged from Shop Steward to Local President, and he has served on the YEU Executive for several years. Tony is the first elected Vice-President for Communities. He will represent YEU throughout the territory during his term, visiting each community and meeting with members to provide enhanced communication and access outside of Whitehorse.

Photo of Teresa Acheson

Teresa Acheson


Yukon Employees’ Union Cell Phone: 867-335-9479

Teresa Acheson has been a union member in the Yukon Territory since 2003, active in the executives of Local Y023, YEU, as well as Yukon Area Council and Regional Committees.  Teresa believes strongly in the voice of the union for all members and strives to be that voice for the people she represents.


Photo of Yoshiko Atkins

Yoshiko Atkins


Yukon Employees’ Union

Yoshi has been a union activist for many years, participating in her Local and in several PSAC Regional Committees. This is Yoshi’s first time serving on the YEU Executive.

Photo of Donald Hardie

Donald Hardie


YEU Executive

Don has been a YEU member for 25 years. This is his first term on the YEU Executive.

Photo of Matt Poushinsky

Matt Poushinsky


Yukon Employees’ Union

Matt is an active member of YEU Local Y021, Yukon Arts Centre. He has served on the Local’s Executive and represented the membership at YEU’s 2014 Triennial Convention.

Photo of Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner


Yukon Employees’ Union Cell Phone: 867-335-0283

Richard has been an active Shop Steward and Local Executive member of YEU Local Y010 for many years. This is his first term as a member of the YEU Executive and we welcome his participation and experience.

Photo of Derek Yap

Derek Yap


Work Phone: 668-8769

Derek has been a member of YEU since 2003 and is actively involved at the local, regional and national levels of the PSAC.  As an advocate for all workers, Derek pursues his activism with a passion for equity and social justice.

Photo of Khusru Zaman

Khusru Zaman


Yukon Employees’ Union

Khusru serves as a Shop Steward in Local Y010. This is his first time on the YEU Executive.

The Component Executive consists of a President,  Vice President, Vice President-Communities,  Secretary, Treasurer, Youth Director, Equal Opportunities Director and six Directors. The Executive is the governing body of the Component between conventions. It meets monthly to discuss and implement programs and policies in support of YEU’s membership.

An extensive committee structure provides additional support for our members. Many YEU Executive members participate on one or more of these committees.

Executive Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month.